3 great Reasons to make it a season at Sir Sam’s

With fall now in full swing and Season Pass sales at every turn, many of you are weighing your options for the upcoming season. Central Ontario is rich with options for skiers and snowboarders, each offering a unique winter experience. There’s 3 special qualities we’re told set us apart, 3 reasons pass holders return, year after year. If you find a match, check out our Fall Season Pass Sale, on until October 12.

Our Superior Snow Conditions

Of the qualities discussed most often, surface conditions would easily top the list, and for good reason. At 440m above sea level, we’re located at one of the highest elevations on the Canadian Shield. As a result, we’re consistently colder than most resorts to the south and west. And when it comes to snow, that little bit of geography makes a big difference. Our snow season typically starts earlier, delivers superior snow in-season (quite often, if it’s raining to the south, we’re seeing snow on the hill), meaning your Sir Sam’s season pass provides a full season of fantastic skiing.

Room to move

It’s a no-brainer that more runs equals more fun. Sitting away from major urban areas — as we do — has it’s perks, most notably a lower skier density that sees guests spending more time making turns, and less waiting in lift lines. On average, lift line wait times are rarely longer than a couple minutes, and a schuss down one of our narrow forested runs can often be made in peaceful isolation from top to bottom.

And of course that low skier density, together with changes to our operations, makes it much easier to maintain proper social distancing, and less worry about your well-being.

Welcomed like family

If snow conditions are talked about most often, our atmosphere is discussed most passionately. For 54 years, Canadian Shield terrain and small-town familiarity have combined to create a place winter-loving families and friends tell us is incredibly special. Generations of skiers and snowboarders have taken their first runs here, returned year after year, in time renewing the cycle with their children and grandchildren. In turn, we have endeavoured to make this fantastic winter activity as rich in value as it is in experience. More than somewhere to ski, Sir Sams is a place to belong.

Of course, these are just a start. Skiers and snowboarders, friends and families, have discovered countless reasons of their own to make it a season at Sir Sam’s beyond these 3. Isn’t it time you discovered yours?

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