5 quick tips for new skiers and boarders.

Is your New Year’s resolution to be more adventurous? To try something new?

Get out to Sir Sam’s Ski and Ride and you may find your new favourite pastime! For those just starting out, here are 5 quick tips to making the most of your first on-the-hill experience:

1. Dress appropriately for the activity and the weather

Select apparel that is comfortable and allows you a full range of motion. Layering clothing ensures you remain warm and dry, while allowing you to adapt to changing conditions.

2. Ensure you have equipment that fits and works properly

Skis and snowboards are fitted based on height and weight, so borrowing equipment is not always the safest choice. Renting equipment will make certain you get the proper fit for you.

3. Learn from the pros

Take a lesson from our experienced, trained instructors and nail down the basics before heading out on our beautiful runs. Lessons will help you build a solid foundation, boost your confidence while avoiding unsafe habits and injury.

4. Take breaks

Your body will be using new muscles in new ways so head inside for some hydration, nourishment and rest when you feel yourself getting tired.

5. Don’t give up!

Have realistic expectations for your first few outings on the slopes. Don’t expect to be going down the black diamond run on your second day out. Instead, focus on learning a few key elements with each visit and setting goals that build on them your next time out.

Skiing and boarding are life-long passions for many of our visitors at Sir Sam’s, and for good reason. It’s a great activity for family and friends to share, while keeping you fit and out in the fresh air. We know following these simple, hard-won bits of wisdom will have you well on your way to enjoying these sports with us for years to to come.

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