When the hunger hits

Coming off the slopes and sitting down to a delicious lunch is one of the quintessential joys of a day at the hill. It’s often that part of the day when families and friends come together, check-in, talk about the morning’s adventures and make plans for the rest of the day.

Preserving this experience has been one of our biggest priorities, and biggest challenges. “We’ve changed up and expanded every part of our food service in response to the known concerns around dining, and to continue, as best as we can, the opportunity to share a meal as a family or social circle,” says Angela Bishop, Foodservice Manager. Indeed, providing a safe dining experience for guests has required almost every aspect of our foodservice operations to undergo some degree of change — from dining areas, to the kitchens, to providing new outdoor facilities in an effort to spread diners out, and provide options for those who would prefer to maintain a distance from the chalet. 

In with the new…

New take-away window. Order and pick-up our full menu without setting foot in the chalet, located at the back of the chalet.

Outdoor heated dining tent. Located behind the chalet adjacent to the take-away window, this heated tent expands our dining capacity.

Outdoor cooking area. We’ve expanded our deck-side BBQ area with the addition of a fryer, allowing guests to add their favourite side without making a second stop in the chalet.

Expanded outdoor tables. Guests can also make use of picnic tables provided around the chalet to enjoy take-away or brown-bag lunches.

Outdoor washrooms. When nature calls, additional outdoor facilities make it that much easier to answer.

On the inside…

On the move? Mask up. Guests are to wear their face coverings at all times in any dining area, with the exception of when seated at your table.

Please wait to be seated. The most notable change to returning guests, the top floor of the chalet, Samy’s Pub and the deck will now be assigned seating. Chalet staff will greet diners at the dining entrance and lead them to their table.

Space out. Tables in all dining areas will now be a minimum of six feet apart to maintain appropriate physical distancing between groups.

No outside food. To ensure adequate table capacity for dining guests, outside food is not allowed in the chalet or outdoor dining tent.

Summing up the work the team has put in over the past several months, Angela explains “It’s been an effort, but we’ve made the right changes, and I think most of guests will find an option that suits their comfort level with being in and around the chalet.” Certainly, this is one of the most important elements of your visit that we get right, and keep that way. As such, stay tuned to our regular channels for any changes that may impact your dining experience during your visit.

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