It’s so good to be back!

And so much better to have all of you back with us! A couple weeks in and what a couple weeks it’s been! If you’ve been able to join us since re-opening, you’ll know between the snow conditions and the weather, we’ve been treated to some of the best snow riding we’ve seen in years.

Now that routines have settled in, we wanted to highlight a number of questions and issues that have bubbled up, and we’ve outlined below to make your next visit that much easier to plan for, and enjoyable to experience.

Ticketing and Online Store

All lift ticket purchases and $0 Reservations must be made no later than 11:59pm the day before your planned visit. Walk-up sales are not available this year.

When purchasing both lift tickets and rentals, lift tickets must be ordered first to ensure availability.

Double-check your selected date before proceeding through the remainder of the booking process. We have reached our capacity on several occasions this year and can not make allowances for incorrectly selected dates on those occasions.

When you receive your booking confirmation, please check all your booking details carefully including: date, correct ticket type, contact details, etc.

Bookings for incorrect dates will be credited once proof of a new booking is available.


As there are no capacity limits for guests making $0 Reservations (Season Passes, 8-Pack Ticket Books, Half-Price Members, or Gift Certificates), please ensure you are committed to your date of visit before reserving.

When completing a $0 Reservation, it is mandated by Public Health to list the name of every pass holder or guest attending, not simply entering the name of the person making the reservation multiple times.

Out and about

Only 4 people to a table inside or out. This number is mandated by Public Health and one we will enforce fully.

Air Hole face masks do not comply with provincial standards for face coverings.

Approved face coverings must be worn in lift lines and while riding the lift, along with any time you are moving about the chalet (seated for dining being the only exception).

Looking forward

We have made two significant changes to extend your ski and snowboard season this year. First, we are planning to continue winter operations until April 18 this year. Second, we will continue to operate from Wednesday to Sunday beyond the traditional March Break, including Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Tickets will be released on a rolling basis into April to ensure availability is in line with conditions.

Your understanding of all the changes has been much appreciated. You have not only made our work that much easier, your cooperation, patience¬†have ensured that everyone’s time with us has been safe and enjoyable. We look forward to your continued support as we head into the final 5 weeks of the season.

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