Sir Sams Passholder Credit Application

This past season presented many challenges for the entire ski industry. We were thrilled to get open, then closed and reopened again. We made many changes to comply with COVID-19 restrictions and hope you enjoyed your time skiing at Sir Sam’s Ski and Ride and that you felt safe under these difficult times. We appreciate all the support and kind words that have been shared in person and on social media.

Our 2020/21 ski season was 35 days long, one day less than half of our average normal operating season.

While a good many of you were regular visitors to the hill this year, we know a good number of you did not get full value for your season pass, while others did not even activate their pass.

To begin your passholder credit process, include your contact information, pass types, and pass holder names in the form. If you feel you received the full value of your pass this season or are not looking for credit, we appreciate knowing who you are. Please indicate as much in the check box that begins the form, and fill in your name and email.

Please allow 7 days from your application date to hear from us. Deadline to apply is April 23, 2021.

8-Pack Ticket Books or Gift Certificates from the 2020/21 season will carry over into next season with no further action required.

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