Ladies’ MTB Clinic + Spa Day

Saturday, June 22
9:30am to 4:00pm

Enjoy a day of novice and intermediate mountain bike instruction from Kristi MacDonald, aimed at developing your cross country riding skills. A hearty lunch is provided, followed by an afternoon group riding session which includes use of our walk-on, walk-off carpet lift to carry riders to the top. Capping off the day is a luxurious and soothing soak at Sir Sam’s Water Spa complete with wine and cheese service.


$99/person. Bike rentals available for an additional fee.


Book early to reserve your place. Call 705-754-2298 or email Randy Pielsticker

Kristi MacDonald,

Kristi MacDonald enjoys breaking down the skills of mountain biking into small focused courses with women of all skill levels in order to help show that we all, even the most seasoned rider, have things to learn.

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