Originally published January 12, 2016

In contrast to 2016, weather models indicate above average precipitation for the 2017/18 snow season. Follow our snowmaking progress here.

The Science of Snow Making

Whether you are an avid skier/snowboarder or are just waiting to give it a try, you may be wondering why snow making at ski hills across Ontario has been so long in coming this year. The answer lies in the science of snow making. Although we can use machines to do the same job as the clouds in the sky, there are three conditions required to make the perfect white fluffy snow that is ideal for winter fun:

  • Lower temperatures produce larger amounts and better quality snow (bigger pellets).
  • Humidity levels matter as well, the level of relative humidity will determine whether the snow produced is fluffy or slushy.
  • Ideally, the ground needs to be cold enough to keep the snow from melting.

Typically temperatures lower than -6.7 degrees celcius will produce snow no matter the relative humidity, but as Ontario has not seen many days with temperatures that low this winter, snow making has proven difficult.

At Sir Sam’s, we are now pleased to have our main runs open and more snow being made every day. We are as anxious as you to be operating at full capacity, so let’s hope that Mother Nature cooperates for the remainder of the ski and snowboard season so we can all get out and enjoy the slopes!

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