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The history

Under the new ownership of The Wilkinson Family (2021), there are many exciting developments happening at Sir Sam’s. All of your favourite activities continue in winter & green season, but we’re thrilled to have launched the opening of Eagle View Wedding & Event Centre in 2022. Eagle View is welcoming weddings, corporate retreats and special events & celebrations.

For over 50 years, the Bishop family welcomed guests from near and far to enjoy a quintessential Canadian winter activity amidst the splendour of the Haliburton Highlands. 12 years ago, Sir Sam’s opened it’s doors a to a activity and new crowd wth the arrival of mountain biking to the facility.

Today, Sir Sam’s ranks as Ontario’s oldest second-oldest family-owned ski hill. This impressive legacy is matched by the number of families who count parents, grandparents or great-grandparents as guests in those early days. While the faces, the technology, and the calendar may change, the welcoming atmosphere lives on. Sir Sam’s continues to introduce and captivate new families with the joys of skiing and snowboarding.

Family and Friends, enjoying the Great Outdoors!

Behind every successful operation, there is a person with determination to see their dream and vision come to life. They rise to every challenge and with each storm they survive they are a little bit wiser and a little further along. From the outside it often looks easy but if you have ever tried your own business or worked in one, you will know the depth of commitment it takes to solve insurmountable problems and turn up, day after day, to do it again. This is a story of RJ (Bob) Bishop Jr’s dream. He bought into the vision and dedicated the past 50 years to making it come true.

We’ll never hear about those dark days when there was no cash or no snow but what we can see was his ability to overcome each problem resulting in the creation of one of the nicest family owned and operated ski & summer resorts in the country! Through his passion and dedication, he inspired all 5 of his children to share his passion for the sports, the Haliburton lifestyle and the opportunity to serve the families and visitors of Sir Sam’s. Bob & Noreen, Rob, Chris, JD, Angela & Steve all play a role in making Sir Sam’s about families and friends having fun outdoors.


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